Reimagining Assignments: A Reminder

These are our recent ideas on how to reimagine assignments in this new AI era.

Refine Editing Skills Via Grading

After creating a list of possible topics and rubrics, teachers will ask students to create an AI essay (e.g. "The effectiveness of ChatGPT as a writing tool")

Factual Accuracy, Biases And Artificial Empathy

The reflection part of these tasks can be done with or without ChatGPT having to connect to the internet. These tasks should be adapted to the course you’re teaching.

Unusually Advanced Language Use

It’s important for lecturers to become more familiar with the differences between human and AI writing.


Here are some interesting ideas on reimagining assignments in this era of fast AI development.

Top AI Detectors Appear Unreliable: Time To Reimagine Assignments

Results of an analysis into the effectiveness of 4 AI detectors revealed how inaccurate they are, depending on the way they are used.

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