TELC Training: The AI Era & Reimagining Assignments

The aim of this training was to introduce key issues and trends of generative AI relevant to higher education. The implications for how student assignments might be reimagined were also discussed.

Topics covered in the session:

  • About the Technology Enhanced Learning Centre (UNIC)
  • Microsoft Copilot & Windows11 (a new threat?)
  • The “Homework Apocalypse”
  • Practical AI for Instructors & Students
  • AI Detectors are unreliable (some test data)
  • Tokens/Parameters
  • Overview of Bard, Bing Chat, ChatGPT4, Claude2
  • Best Practices, concerns, updating course outlines
  • Referencing ChatGPT
  • Reimagining Assignments: Reformulating
  • Reimagining Assignments: Factual Accuracy, Bias, Artificial Empathy
  • Reimagining Assignments: Unusually Advanced Language Usage
  • Reimagining Assignments: Group Assignments to discourage cheating
  • Reimagining Assignments: Refine Editing Skills
  • Burstiness/Perplexity
  • Hallucinations & False Information
  • Human-Directed AI-Enhanced Learning
  • Useful AI platforms for students and faculty eg ScholarAI, PerplexityAI, ConsensusAI
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