A sneak peek at Turnitin’s ability to detect ChatGPT and AI writing

TELC aims to be testing the effectiveness of this to-be-launched Turnitin AI detector, to verify Turnitin’s claims about it. Moreover, TELC in general tests the effectiveness of other AI detectors because AI writers are becoming increasing sophisticated with regard to fooling AI detectors.

Developing Their Own

AI tools, and specifically writing tools are being spawned at a rapid rate, Turnitin are developing their own AIAI writing tools are developing their own detection technology that can detect AI writing by tools such as ChatGPT. They claim their team has been working on AI-Powered solutions for a while now, although that doesn’t mention AI writing/detection specifically – and AI itself is nowhere near being new.

You can read more about their progress on their official page: https://www.turnitin.com/solutions/ai-writing

Tuned For Academia

They say their model is trained based on a comprehensive database of academic writing sources – as opposed to publicly available content only so it should be better tuned for universities, lecturers, students and everything in between. However this will require further testing, which we will be doing once it’s made available to us. In the meantime, Turnitin has also said they will share their progress at regular intervals as they continue to develop this technology, so keep a look out for future articles here.

Video Walkthrough

They also posted a video by David Adamson, an AI scientist at Turnitin and a former high school teacher.