New Microsoft Forms Features!

Cover page template

The system will automatically provide you with a set of predefined cover pages based on the topic’s relevance if you create your form for a specific scenario, such as a holiday party invitation, post-event feedback survey, or surveys related to engagement. This should save you time searching and navigating. The side theme pane will display a variety of cover page templates for you to choose from.

Theme suggestion

Have you ever considered using a single click to increase responder engagement with a collection of wonderfully designed edgy backgrounds? It’s now accessible on Microsoft Forms! We are happy to announce that the animate live theme is now fully operational. You will be given a list of elaborate live themes based on the subject of your form.

Distribute form in Outlook

We enhanced the distribution feature of Forms to give designers a simple and quick approach to create an appealing invitation message on various channels for various sending intentions. While providing forms and quizzes to respondents both online and offline, users would enjoy advanced distribution experience. When you send your form/quiz through Outlook, what the form looks like is shown below. A cover page you added to the form will also be displayed in the email.

New QR code experience

If you want to send your form offline to collect response, a downloadable fancy QR code will generate (if you choose cover for your form) to make your opinion come true and higher the response rate in the meantime.

More question type: Image choice questions

Inserting an image as a choice is a long-anticipated feature for form and quiz users. We are pleased to report that Microsoft Forms now support adding images as answers. Starting from December, it will be gradually rolling out globally, hope this new feature can provide assistance when it’s available to you.

Forms in Excel

A summary of the responses to your form will be displayed as shown below when you examine the response in Excel. Moreover, Microsoft Forms now offers seamless data syncing to Excel. While new responses are rolling in, you don’t need to download another excel file. Chart suggestions will be offered on the right-side pane to help you better understand the response. Also, it’s now simple to create a form in an Excel spreadsheet and upload it to Microsoft Forms Web with a few clicks.

Instant poll in Teams

Instant poll is pre-defined binary option pairs (Yes/No, Thumb up/down, Heart/Broken heart) in Polls side pane during the meeting. With a single click on the given option pairs, the presenter/organizer can launch a binary poll (without question title) instantly.  The attendees can vote for their opinions by clicking the option button without the extra ‘submit’ action.

Support image in polls

Now you can insert an image in a poll, to better describe your question and give responders more information. With an image in the poll, we hope it can help you to:

  • Engage with audience in visualized way – use image to make polls interesting and fun.
  • Better explain a complex concept – using an image as part of the question like math diagrams or the design proposals.

Multi-question polls 

To further scale Polls capabilities by supporting multiple polls launched at the same time, it improves efficiency and enriches the meeting participants accommodate occasions which more inputs need to be collected from the meeting participants. It can be used for various purposes – serving a mini-survey like poll with a rating and open-text (aka. word cloud) for in-session feedbacks.

Send form/quiz to external users

Still get stuck when you choose anyone can respond and try to send forms to people outside the organization? That’s not a problem anymore! With the new distribution feature, you can now search/enter both internal and external email addresses and send the form/quiz to them.