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New Issue Out And New Site Upgrades!

The publishers of TEwT are:  the University of Nicosia (Cyprus) and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (Poland).

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The Journal of Teaching English with Technology (TEwT) strives to be as close as possible to what is considered cutting-edge educational technology suitable for the teaching and learning of English as a second or foreign language. With this pivotal objective in mind, recently, an analysis was undertaken of published TEwT papers with high numbers of reader downloads as part of a move to a new and updated TEwT site, which was launched recently in January 2022. Moreover, the top twenty downloaded papers and the top downloaded three issues by overall downloads on the old site have been made available here on this new site. Unsurprisingly, topical and contextualised ESOL research focussed strongly on innovative educational technology use appears to resonate the most with our readers. In addition, with regard to the new TEwT site, more features have been added. For instance, all TEwT papers now have laboriously been tagged, and with the use of the ‘search’ field, on the right of the menu bar, it is hoped that paper visibility, searchability and even citability will be improved significantly. There is also a dedicated resource page for lesson plans now, and please note that as of this year, lesson plans will be published on this resource page rather than in actual issues, which are more academic in nature. Furthermore, a past reviewers’ page has also been included to document the invaluable support previous academics have given to the Journal over the years. Additionally, to enhance support for aspiring authors, the TEwT submissions’ page is being upgraded with more information on the submission process. Likewise, there is a new quick-reference full issues’ page for issues from 2016 onwards, and the new site Download Manager has a much more professional ‘look and feel’ to it—click here to see an example of this new and impressive article link format! 


I would like to thank Vladislav Kolev of the Technology Enhanced Learning Centre and Panayiotis Toumpas of the Computer Centre at the University of Nicosia for their support of the Editors in this move to the new TEwT web page.