Using Doodly in PPT– TELC Supports Faculty in the Creation of Animated Graphics in PPT using Doodly

Doodly allows people of any skill level to easily animate on whiteboards and make their content look better and artistic.

What is Doodly?

Check out these videos to see what Doodly can do! (click here or the image below for the official Doodly videos)

You’ll be able to create your own professional doodle sketch videos with little, to no design or technical skills.

You’ll be able to create your videos in minutes… not weeks. And the end-result can be even better than what the professionals deliver.

Use Doodly to draw all kinds of cool whiteboard animations to entertain, engage, and affect your viewers in a positive way.

Can be used for sales and/or social media videos, special occasions, or just for the fun of drawing.

Unlimited whiteboard videos. You’ll be able to create blackboard, glassboard, and green screen animations.

Just select a doodle image.

Click and drag it to the canvas, and Doodly will automatically draw the image for you.

The Doodly Smart Draw tech allows you to use imported images in your whiteboard animations.

You can upload your own images and then use their Smart Draw technology to create point-and-click custom draw paths, allowing you to draw any and all images you upload yourself.

Record your own custom voiceover audio directly within Doodly, and easily sync it to your Doodle sketch.

You can add voice by clicking the record button, start talking, and Doodly will automatically add your voice to your video. If you’d rather upload your own voiceover, or an audio exported from another program, you can do that as well.

1000s of custom drawn whiteboard doodle images only found in the Doodly, whiteboard animation software.

All of the doodle images found inside of Doodly have been custom drawn by their professional graphic artist team. 200 total characters and 20 different poses each. You get 20 different background scenes, and hundreds of props and assets covering many topics and niches or upload your own images and Doodly will draw them.

Complete with royalty free audio music tracks for many genres.

You can drag and drop your choice of background music to the video timeline. Adjust the volume up or down as you see fit by clicking your mouse.

Install Doodly on as many computers as you’d like.

While most software only allows a limited number of installs. With the Doodly, you’ll be able to download and install it on as many computers as you’d like. Doodly is both PC and Mac compatible.

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